Hypewriter 2024

Do you have a captivating / engaging / thought-provoking scripted TV series idea? Tell us your story – and we will listen carefully and help you make your dream come true!

Hypewriter, the leading fiction concept pitching forum for CEE is back – with a vengeance!

The Prize


Pilot episode


We seek the next great idea for a scripted television series. The winner will receive a prize of 10,000 EUR and this concept will be turned into a professionally produced pilot episode or will get a “proof concept” produced that may evolve into a complete TV series. 

Eight finalists will be invited to pitch their stories to an international jury of prominent film and media industry representatives. The forum takes place in Budapest, Hungary. We will cover travel and hotel expenses for all finalists. 

So, show us some real, bold ideas and blow our socks off!

Application deadline:

30 July, 2024

Notification of the 15 pre-selected projects:

21 August, 2024

Notification of the Pitch Forum finalists:

10 September, 2024

Pitch Forum in Budapest:

8 October, 2024

The unfortunate rise and fall of a country boy

The main prize-winning concept based on a true story of Zolika, a young but unlucky guy living in the countryside who makes a living as a living as a minimum-wage factory worker. Zolika awakens one day to find out he has won half a billion forints in the lottery. He can have whatever he wants – cars, women, the entire world is at his disposal. Everyone is looking for his favours, and he finally receives a long-awaited recognition from his single mother. Can money, however, truly change everything? Is it possible for Zolika to get rid of his past? The answer is shocking: two years later he was working for minimum wage in the old factory again.

4th Hypewriter in Budapest

The international jury chose the best of the nine presented ideas from among the 300 previously submitted. Based on the decision of the jury, which included Péter Kolosi, Deputy CEO and Program Director of RTL, Boris Bezic, Creative Director of Paprika Studios Slovenia, Victoria Yarmoshchuk, CEO of the Ukrainian FILM.UA Group, and Bence Trunkó, Creative Director of Paprika Studios, the winning concept received a grand prize of 10,000 euros, as well as the opportunity to make a professionally produced pilot, which can be later seen on the platforms of RTL.

A special prize was awarded in addition to the main prize for Renátó Olasz’s concept (The Unfortunate Rise And Fall Of A Country Boy): the opportunity to participate in the TV Beats workshop of Hypewriter’s Estonian partner, the a-category Black Nights Film Festival. Suzana Kokalj, the creator of the award-winning Minervas idea, was given the opportunity to present herself at the prestigious international program in Estonia.