A Conditional Couple

Dávid Szőnyei (1986) graduated from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest with a degree in Television Production. He launched his career as a storyliner for commercial television programmes before joining a creative team in a television production company where he develops fictional series and non-fictional programmes for Hungarian TV broadcasters. He also freelances as a copywriter and director for Budapest-based commercial agencies.

Border Tales

Levente Nagy lived in Serbia for 19 years before moving to Hungary in 2013 to attend university. Although he spent five years studying psychology before graduating and had various jobs in the media industry (including translation, journalism and production management at a film distributor company), his love of great stories and screenwriting are what keeps him going.


Martin Csaba is a highly imaginative filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience making a variety of films for a variety of industries. He is passionate about creating independent films and has a knack for commercials, music videos and short films. He knows everything there is to know about the latest camera, video and audio equipment and editing software. He enjoys working with a variety of actors and crew members at many different experience levels.

Golden Age

Apart from Golden Age, Balázs Bendi works as a storyliner for a popular daily dramedy, Drága örökösök, as well as for Hungary’s longest-running daily drama, Barátok közt. He had a helpful partner on Golden Age, Adrienn Erdődy, who has worked on short films, commercials, feature films and TV shows as a story consultant and a screenwriter. He is currently developing two more series.

Happy Weekends

Selim Sevim was born in Turkey in 1991. He went to an average high school and an average university;
nothing special. He was meant to be an IT guy but was interested in people and in telling them stories. He has lost more than 250 contests – by the time you read this, the number will probably have risen – and has only won a handful. He’s always thinking about movies, he sometimes writes, but he rarely shoots. Still, cinema is everything for him.

La Bella Morte

Florentina Vidrascu has a degree in political sciences but has spent the last 15 years writing plays (like Seven Sins), children’s books (including Steel Point), scripts for PC Games (such as Hello Venice) and scripts for TV shows. Finally able to dedicate herself to sitcoms and comedy series, she has been writing for Romania’s most successful comedy group for more than seven years.

The Holy Family

Gábor Osváth is a producer based in Budapest. After graduating from SZFE, he formed two production companies - Boddah and Filmfabriq - with slightly different profiles. In the past few years he has produced dozens of short films, several award-winning animations and seven documentaries. This autumn his first two live-action feature films will be released.

The Prophets

Attila Arpa was born in Munich, Germany. He was a student at the Film University of Budapest and visited film classes in Berkley and Los Angeles.
He worked as Unit Manager and later as Line Producer in German TV productions such as PRO7’s highly acclaimed TV movie „Isenhart”. He was the Co-Producer of the Cannes FIPRESCI award- winning „Pál Adrienn”. He produced and directed two Hungarian action comedies, one of them won People’s Choice award at the Hungarian Filmszemle.
Attila was Creative Director of RTL KLUB Hungary and later Head Of Production of TV2 Hungary, producing over 30 prime time productions of all genres.
Presently he is working as Showrunner for CME and produces a prime time series to be launched this fall by ProTV.